Estonian Artist Spotlight – Ewert and the Two Dragons

January 19, 2012

I try not to blog about music, but here goes. The reason why I find it hard to write about music is because I can never really put my finger on why I like an artist/band/singer/whatever. My favourite kind of songs are the ones that haunt me for a long time – in a good way. Stuff like NYC by Interpol, Thistle & Weeds by Mumford & Sons, Easy/Lucky/Free by Bright Eyes, We Are the People by Empire of the Sun, October Swimmer by JJ72 and Atmosphere by Joy Division.

If you asked me why I liked any of the above songs, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. That’s pretty much why I don’t write about music – it’s so bloody hard. I’ve decided to change that because I want to tell everyone about Ewert and the Two Dragons. They are a rather good band hailing from my adopted country of Estonia.

Rather than try and tell you why I think they’re great, I should let you listen to one of their songs first, so here goes:

I think the first thing that struck me about them is that they have a similar sort of style to Mumford & Sons. Sorry, I really like Mumford & Sons, but I do feel that I’ve had the benefit of not living in England and having to bear the publicity machine whirring through everyone’s souls.

My favourite track by them is probably Panda. The chorus reminds me a lot of Letting the Cables Sleep by Bush, another favourite of mine. I think they also sound a bit like Doves but I can’t really stand Doves… they seem quite boring to me. I also forgot to mention that one of their tracks (Falling) reminds me a LOT of Graham Coxon (of Blur, and I mean his solo stuff).

So anyway, here’s Panda, too, if you fancy it:

Their whole album is available on Spotify and iTunes so if you fancy it, why not contribute a little to Estonia’s tiny music industry? It’s quite a varied album, give it a chance, you might find something you love.

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